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25 years experience
40 panels bank & credit company
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We always ensure a transparent and open system of transactions as well as "One-stop Solution" that all statutory and technical requirements, records, transactions, payments and deliveries are made at the full satisfactory of our customers, both the buyers and the sellers. Thus, we archieve 100% total clearance. Our excellent infrastructure including IT, with MIS in-built, you can be rest-assured of our infra-structure support to manage and provide the highest quality of auction house services to the esteemed Bank as our business partner.
Head Office

352, Permatang Tok Jaya, Maklom, Sungai Dua, 13800 Butterworth, Penang

Tel: +604-3567972 (Hunting Line)

Fax: +04-356 7425

Email: [email protected]

RHB Acc No. 20707300022387